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Makaya Bay

Arggghh! Heya Pirate! this is Makaya Bay! This is the place to be to become a real pirate! sea monsters and some nasty pirate bosses are waiting around Makaya Bay for you!


  • A: Temple, Here you can become citizen of Makaya Bay. Also the place of King Tibianus!
  • B: Depot with mailman
  • C: Boat npc's these guys will take you everywhere
  • D: Loot buyer, tools npc, diamonds buyer and rune npc
  • E: Loot buyer

  • Makaya Bay Spawns


  • 1: onyxia island- onyxia (dragon boss), dragons lords, lava golems, demons
  • 2: hydras, slimes, giant spiders, quaras
  • 3: bonebeasts, demon skeletons, crypt shambers, giant spiders, way to ferumbras tower- demons, behes, etc
  • 4: ferumbras tower
  • 5: pirate islands- all kinds of pirates
  • 6: deeplings
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