Map_narsog - Elthia


Our frosty place! Make sure to wear some warm clothes whens paying them a visit here! Some nice hunting places around Narsog makes it an attractive place! Also Don't miss out on Santa Claus! he is here all year long but with christmas time he also gives away presents!


  • A: Depot with mailman
  • B: Boat npc's these guys will take you everywhere
  • C: Santa claus upstairs

  • Narsog Spawns


  • 1: frost dragons, snow demons, snow elves, frost demons, glacier set quest
  • 2: eskimo's, golden set quest
  • 3: yetis, frost demons, crystal arrow quest
  • 4: yetis, dark santa, snow demons, snow elves, frozen hall quest (crystal arrow)
  • 5: viking island
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