Map_surat_mor - Elthia

Surat Mor

A small jungle town, This town connects to some nice mid level hunting grounds!


  • A: Depot with mailman npc
  • B: Boat npc's these guys will take you everywhere
  • C: Temple, Here you can become citizen of Surat Mor

  • Surat Mor Spawns


  • 1: ninjas, ashigarus, yamabushis, bruce lee
  • 2: warlock castle (you can get there from vianens boat)
  • 3: rotworms, quest with behes, demons and orsha
  • 4: medusas
  • 5: jungle, hydras, serpent spawns, jungle monsters, mountains: dragons, vampires
  • 6: jungle, hydras, monkeys, lizard, tiquandas revenge
  • 7: entrance to the tombs, hota part, golden pyramid quest
  • 8: ancient scarabs, dragons
  • 9: djinns, scarabs
  • 10: golden pyramid - bosses and very strong monsters
  • 11: tombs in othe- vampires, ghouls, etc as in rl tibia; hota quest
  • 12: vampire hell
  • 13: djinns
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