Map_thornstead - Elthia


Thornstead is a former medieval town, witch was on a very strategic location for all boat routes trough the small canal up north. Nowaday's it's a almost spooky town but there are still some very nice locations around it make sure to check it out!


  • A: Depot with post office npc
  • B: Temple, Here you can become citizen of Thornstead
  • C: Boat npc
  • D: Potions, weapons, armor and paladin needs

  • Thornstead Spawns


  • 1: dragons, dragon lords, demodras, dsm quest
  • 2: hero house, heroes, dark heroes, demodras
  • 3: demon armor quest, demons, orsha
  • 4: black knights, heroes, dark heroes, golden knight
  • 5: golems, mutated monsters
  • 6: barad-dur, all kind of monsters, from dragon to apocalypse
  • 7: wyverns
  • 8: hero's, black knights, heroes island
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