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Zahar is a Sand island located east of Vianen. It contains many higher level quests and monsters, You can find them up north when you leave the town.


  • A: Depot with mailman npc
  • B: Shops square with all kinds of npc's
  • C: Temple, Here you can become citizen of Zahar
  • D: Train monk square also mana gaining spots here
  • E: Boat npc's these guys will take you everywhere
  • F: Banker npc

  • Zahar Spawns


  • 1: magic castle- asuras, magical creatures, a lot of bosses
  • 2: black towers- old wizard, elder warlock, elite necromancers, summoners of souls, boss raid- basilisk
  • 3: dragons
  • 4: old wizard, elder warlocks, dark heroes, berserkers, a tower you can get to from dragons; -1: 2 hard quests, demons, archdemons, wealoqs, ornatums
  • 5: turtles, ancient scarabs
  • 6: entrance to the dungeons- demons, lava golems and a way to saladins palace and djinn house
  • 7: saladins palace- asuras, khafirs, royal guards, desert warrior, sand demons, yalahar set quest
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